Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) Fenton, Michigan

Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) is a band from the tiny town of Fenton, Michigan that started in 2006. Keith plays guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, cello, etc and sings. Cathy plays guitar.

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Track Name: I Would Have Stolen You a Whole Orchestra (Stability Version)
We were sophomores who had shaken off 20-something credits
while taking on water in our steadily sinking academic lives

A whole year spent weaning off weekends in our hometown
left us isolated and alone in our rooms

You were a bull,
militant, or adamant to change

I was one too, in a fashion
with differences that seem to matter little now

When autumn had firmed into hard and steady ground
I finally grew tired of feeling sorry for myself
and shed what little was left for dead

And started brand new
with a heart that could finally let go
and begin to heal
Track Name: Rally the Troops! Poke Holes in Their Defenses! Line Our Coffers With Their Coffins! (Original Version)
Sally the ford
if there's no chance of a last push
to save us now

And even though I know,
they'll put your body up to break on the millstone
to abandon hope

This is what you get for thinking you can walk on water
you are not bigger than your words or yourself

But I know you're already sure
so the finest words can never change that
so you'll resign your failure to my complete lack of faith

And come down! I know! I know!
You can't make them see what you see

You'll force your hand
(even if it betrays your body to abandon hope)

This is what you get for thinking you can walk on water
this is what you get for holding your head up so high

Do you wish you had never met such teeth so sharp?

Draw out!

The oldest words will never become the truth
no matter how much you want them to be